Sunday, May 11, 2014

Alienated read-along discussion post!

Today is the last day of the Alienated read-along! So many of you participated in the read-along and LOVED the book.

In the comment section of this post lets talk all about Alienated (WITH SPOILERS) because the feels are real and I for one need to express them!

We will start off the discussion with this question:

How did you like Alienated and what was your favorite part in the book and why?

I LOVED Alienated and my favorite part was the first time Aelyx and Cara went to school because seriously, that scene was intense and just all around really interesting. 

Tell me your favorite part below!

The next question is:

What do you think happen in Invaded (the second book in the series)?

I personally think Jaxen is going to try take Cara away from Aelyx while she is on L'eihr and he is on earth. I also hope everything gets resolved down on earth because it's sure hectic at the moment!

What are your predictions?


As some of you know I did a giveaway for Alienated where you had to tag the read-along photo to the #alienatedreadalong hashtag. Here are the winners of the signed Alienated bookmarks:


If you are one of the winners please email me your address to so I can send you your prize, thanks!


Also if you have any questions you want to ask Melissa Landers, leave them below because i'll be interviewing her next weekend!

Thanks for all of you who participated in the read-along, you are all amazing AND out of this world ;)


  1. I loved Alienated too, my favorite part was when the dancer (I always forget her name) was told that L'eihr spit was toxic and it burned peoples skin so she would stay away from Aelyx. I think there will be more alien romance in Invaded, they might make a peace treaty but something will fall through and the new Council member will make a move while Aeylx is away.

    1. YES! that part was so funny and I totally agree with you!

  2. My favorite part was when Aeylx climbed onto his spaceship and left Cara alone, then Eric and his friends showed up and beat Cara up. Then Eric just kinda stood up for Cara. In Invaded, I think Jaxen and Cara will start to fall for each other, so there will be a love triangle or the council will try to use Cara as a weapon against Earth.

  3. I really loved the scene in Aelyx's room with Cara! God it was so intense i think MY heartbeat started to speed up! I'm super excited for the next book, but I hope that Cara and Jaxen can be friends rather than love interests because I loooove Aelyx and I don't want anyone to compete against him!!
    Oh and that scene where Cara's dad burst in her room and saw Aelyx and Cara together, that was so funny!
    When you interview Melissa Landers, I'm curious to know if Cara is going to make any friends or are the people there going to act negatively towards her because of the death of their own on Earth?
    ughh i love this books soooo much I need the next one right now!

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  5. I absolutely loved Alienated it's hard to decide on just one favourite part cause there's just so many to choose from. I think I really liked the bits when Cara made Alexy try all the different human food. Poor Alexy, loved his reaction each time especially when he tried eating pizza. Oh and remember when he ate chocolate, when Cara told him to try it as it he'd love it, he goes: ''That's what you said about skittles, I vomited a rainbow afterwards'' Oh Alexy :')

    My question for Melissa West is that, as an author, how do you set your mind to stick to the same plot that you had since you started writing the book?

  6. This book was absolutely one of the best books I have read. There were a lot of parts I loved but one of them was the time they were making out and competing over who could make out better and taking each other's heartbeats. Words can't explain how great this part was.

    I think that in Invaded, Jaxen will try to win Cara over and Cara may or may not end up liking him. I hope she doesn't though. Anyway I will definitely be preordering Invaded and reading it in one day because I'm sure it will live up to Alienated.

  7. This has to be said: best character meet ever!
    I love Alienated and it really got me into scifi, I had never really looked into that genre before, so thanks Sasha :) I love their relationship and really hope that in Invaded, humans will start to accept the L'eihrs more, cause I sure do haha. Their romance is really unique and the book is so funny! I laughed out loud a lot. When you see Melissa Landers, can you ask her if Cara will like the food on Aelyx's home planet? I'm very curious about that :)