Thursday, May 29, 2014

Emma's Poetry Corner: OTP Love

Hey guys! Here is a poem about love....apply it to your favorite OTP and feels will ensue. Let me know what you think!  

You have climbed inside my skin
navigated through the desert of my soul
fighting the hot, harsh wind
belonging to someone who has been broken before.

Your determination spurned you onward,
even after you found that I was empty
a pumpkin whose insides were scraped out
and a mask carved on the outside.

You have felt the pressuring loneliness
dragging me into the watery depths
of my own despair but still
you took care to swim through it
strong enough to carry us both.

You know all of my secrets
your fingerprints are on my heart
from where you tried to fix it
a broken mirror that would never be whole
but cracks are what make us human, right?

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