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Doon Bonus Scene: Vee's Second Calling Dream

As you may or may not know I love a book series called Doon. A Story that revolves around two girls ,McKenna and Veronica, and the adventure them embark on when they are whisked away into an alternate Scottish kingdom known as Doon. The second book of Doon, Destined for Doon (spoilers in summery) comes out September 2nd so this is the perfect time to grab your own copy of Doon!
Today I have the pleasure of sharing a Doon bonus scene with you all of Vee's second calling. Take a look:

DOON Bonus Scene
Vee’s Second Calling Dream

(This dream takes place after Vee sees Jamie in the window at Aunt Gracie’s cottage, just before Kenna wakes her up in the library in chapter 3.)

The forest looms dark and dense. Running as if my life depends on it, fear squeezes my lungs, but I don’t know what I’m running from…or to. Sweat trickles down my face stinging my eyes. Tearing through branches, thorns scrap my skin. I round a corner…
…and there he is.
Casually he leans against a tree, arms crossed over his broad chest, one booted foot in front of the other. I screech as I come to a clumsy halt, arms wind-milling at my sides. 
Really? Now prince charming decides to show up? 
Why couldn’t he appear in a dream where I’m dressed in something besides my own sweat and fear?
I bend over resting my hands on my knees trying to catch my breath. As I straighten, my gaze travels from the tips of his sturdy black boots, past muscular calves encased is some kind of dark heavy socks, to strong sun darkened knees and thighs…
It was him alright.
Fighting the dizziness threatening to topple me onto the carpet of pine needles under my feet, I concentrate on shifting my eyes to his face.
Ridiculously pleased to see him again, I lift my lips in an inviting smile.
Intensity draws his brows together in a scowl even as he strides to close the few feet separating us.
The smile melts from my lips. I can see and almost feel his deep confusion, but neither of us speaks.
Standing close now, the air of anticipation deepens.
Mesmerized I study his face, knowing he could soon disappear. Strong straight nose; warm blond hair sprinkled liberally with gold; killer cheekbones; firm, well-proportioned mouth— the lower lip slightly fuller than the upper—and, oh…the most delectable dimple in his square chin.
“Jamie.” The name escapes my lips like a sigh.
He bends at the waist in a quick bow. “M’lady.” His dark eyes shine mischievously.
Mere steps away from this boy who I long to hold, who I know, in my gut, will be real when I touch him, I take a step closer.
His eyes heat as they sweep over my forehead, my eyes, my nose, my mouth.
My belly does a tight flip. He’s memorizing me too.
“When are ye goin’ to get here?” He moves closer still and I have to tilt my neck to look up into his face.
“I need you.” A dense swirling mist sweeps up his body as he reaches for me. “We need you.”
“I don’t understand.” I shake my head, and back away, not wanting to turn and take my eyes off of him, yet terrified if we touch, I’ll disappear forever.  
“Wait…” His honeyed voice sounds raw.
The haze closes around us, roiling in waves, obscuring my sight.
Panic trickles down my spine. “Will I see you again?” I call out in desperation.
“On the brig…” His words echo through the fog and into nothing.

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Doon is available wherever books are sold. Destined for Doon releases 9/2/14.
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